A toast for the ages

French toast

A toast for the ages

French toast

SoupedUp’s French Toast

With French Toast Day coming up on the 28th November (there really does seem to be a day for everything now) we thought it would be a great time to put up a SoupedUp recipe for this all-time breakfast favourite. French toast is one of those meals that, at its core, is incredibly simple, yet still has plenty of room for complexity and variation. It has a long history that actually predates the French Pain Perdu (or ‘lost bread’, reflecting its use of stale or otherwise ‘lost’ bread) and a meal very much like it, simply called aliter dulcia (or ‘another sweet dish’) found in the oldest known cookbook Apiciusdated around 100 AD. Though the recipe has undoubtedly changed since the Apicius was compiled, one thing does remain unchanged; it is still delicious.

For a perfect pairing with a breakfast of French toast, try it with a delicious compote of stewed apple and cinnamon.

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French Toast

IngredientsAllergens PrepUnitServe 6
Milk, Cow, Fluid regular fat (~3.5%) milkml160
Bread, From white flour, Commercial   check labelmilkglutenwheatSlice g444
Syrup, Maple, Pure (100% maple) ml140
Egg, Chicken, Whole raw eggg300
Sugar, White, Icing mixture check labelgluteng6


1. Serve each person with two pieces of French toast, drizzle with maple syrup and dust with icing sugar.

2. Whisk eggs and milk in a bowl. Heat a non-stick frying pan on medium. Dip a slice of bread into egg mixture to coat both sides.

3. Cool for 1-2mins each side, until golden. Repeat with remaining bread and egg mixture.


Stewed Apple and cinnamon

IngredientsAllergens PrepUnitServe 6
Apple, Green skin, Peeled raw Slice g400
Cinnamon, Dried, Ground g2
Sugar, Caster g24
Water, Tap ml60


1. Place apple, cinnamon, castor sugar and water into a saucepan

2. Stew apples until tender and water has evaporated

3. Serve apples hot.


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