Author: Alycia Johnson

Ah, paperwork! Something that must be done; however, no one likes doing it. Filling out form after form, day after day, can be extremely laborious and costly both in time and money, and now in the age of COVID-19, it can also be deadly. An average 50 bed residential care home spends up to 2 hours per day per resident completing manual paperwork. General administration, medication management, clinical care, training, managing purchasing, meal planning, catering, dietary requirements and evidencing everything…

Stay healthy and strong with our protein-rich, longevity-promoting, vegetable and lentil curry. By combining lentils with the vitamin C from the whole tomatoes in this recipe, those eating this curry will absorb double the amount of iron than in a standard dish. Straight from the SoupedUp kitchen, this mouth watering winter warming recipe will make up to 30 servings. Made it?  Snap a photo and hashtag it #soupeduprecipes. We love to see your creations on Instagram and Facebook! Method Heat…

You’d be forgiven for thinking it feels like an extra long winter this year. With Covid-19, cold weather (for those down south) and other nasty cold and flu bugs, it’s important to eat foods that not only taste good, but also provide the best nutrients to keep you healthy. Our Pearl Barley, Ginger and Cauliflower Soup is straight from the SoupedUp kitchen and offers a range of health benefits to strengthen your immune system this winter. Made it? Snap a photo…

It is estimated that up to as many as 89% of individuals residing in residential aged care or rehabilitation settings are at risk of malnutrition or are in fact malnourished (1). It is therefore important that every mouthful of food that a resident consumes is packed full of the key essential nutrients required for better health outcomes. This is where food fortification may improve the daily lives of residents by adding ingredients making real foods more nutrient dense (2,3,4). Inadequate…

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