Author: Ashlie Williamson

Winter is upon us. And winter means cold and flu season. Last year’s flu season in Australia was the worst since the 2009 pandemic. The 2017 season came earlier, the flu vaccine was less effective and there were more deaths, particularly amongst the elderly. So, what can you do to help boost your residents’ immunity?

Warm yourself up this winter with our hearty Beef and Vegetable Soup recipe! Ingredients Prep Unit Serve 30 Beef, diced, fully-trimmed raw kg 1 Onion, mature, brown skinned peeled raw Fine Dice g 500 Carrot, peeled or unpeeled, fresh or frozen raw Medium Dice g 500 Celery, fresh or frozen, raw Fine Dice g 200 Leek, raw Fine Dice g 200 Butter, plain, no added salt g 100 Salt, cooking g 30 Parsley, continental, raw g 55 Beef Stock l 4.5…

Blueberry Pancakes This mother’s day we’ve spiced up a classic dish to treat your loved ones! Try our delicious and easy blueberry pancakes! Light and fluffy with dietary suitability for all, this dish is perfect for mother’s day breakfast or dessert! Enjoy! Ingredients Prep Unit Serve 30 Flour, wheat, white self-raising g 1.3 Milk, cow, fluid unflavoured l 1.3 Egg, chicken, whole raw g 700 Blueberry, purchased frozen g 750 Butter g 120 Icing Sugar  Garnish g 100 Method Sift the…

There is an increasing requirement for gluten-free options in aged care facilities for residents with allergies, intolerances or preferences. This has led to facilities having to reconsider menu items and start looking to expand choices to accommodate gluten-free diets. What foods are suitable for a gluten-free diet? Food items that are naturally gluten-free: Fresh fruit and vegetables Fresh meats and eggs Nuts and legumes Milk and oils Gluten-free grains including rice and corn Today there are more alternatives for gluten-free…

Ingredients Prep Unit Serve 30 Rice, basmati, uncooked g 800 Cardamom, seeds, ground g 8 Milk, cow, fluid unflavoured l 4 Sugar, Caster g 200 Nut, pistachio, raw unsalted g 100 Method Place the rice with ground cardamom pods in a saucepan and add the milk and bring to the boil stirring continuously. Reduce heat to medium and cook until rice is tender and mixture is thick and creamy. Add the sugar and rose essence and cook for an extra 2…

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