Gary Singh Internship Position: Project Support and Research Internship Period: 3 Months Course: Professional Year program University: Monash University   After Monash University set up an interview with SoupedUp Solutions, I went online to do some research and was very impressed with their cause: SoupedUp Solutions were working towards making the day to day functionality of aged care processes easy with their hospitality software. From my experience at university I had become very aware that, when it comes to IT,…

In support of OCD and Anxiety Disorders Week (28th – 5th August) the following list of 10 foods can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels naturally! Leafy Greens. Surprise, surprise! Many of the foods that can assist with our stress and anxiety levels are not the delicious comfort foods we would like to be snacking on, but leafy greens such as spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts and asparagus which are rich in antioxidants and magnesium. These foods have been known…

Want to try something new? This easy and delicious recipe leaves you with the perfect blueberry snack every time! Ingredients Unit Serve 30 Serve 50 Flour, self-raising kg 0.9 1.5 Sugar gms 450 750 Blueberries cups 3.6 6 Bran, unprocessed gms 180 300 Eggs nos 3 5 Milk mls 390 650 Oil gms 130 220 Method Set oven at 200°C. Mix flour and sugar in a bowl. Add blueberries and bran, fold in carefully. Add eggs, oil and milk, mix…

You can’t go wrong with the classic spaghetti bolognaise, a great comfort food for the cooler seasons and everyone’s favorite!   Ingredients Unit Serve 30 Serve 50 Beef, mince kg 3 5 Garlic gms 90 150 Onion, fine dice gms 300 500 Oil mls 300 500 Tomato Paste gms 90 150 Tomato Sauce mls 300 500 Flour, plain gms 120 200 Stock, Beef ltrs 1 2 Bay Leaves each 6 10 Mixed Herbs gms 120 200 Basil gms 120 200…

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