Catering for the future of aged care

SoupedUp Catering Care Software


SoupedUp’s smart technology is rapidly changing the most labour intensive and costly parts of running an aged care business. Our proven solutions save you time and money, while reducing the risks associated with food service quality and delivery.

Better food

Take control and streamline menu management, while offering your residents more choice. Satisfy clinical, diverse dietary and nutritional requirements from over 1,200 dietetically approved recipes.

Better care

With simple to use, colour-coded dietary and texture information, food service is more efficient, leaving more time for your chefs to be creative and for your carers to focus on residents.

Better bottom line

For an average care provider of 80-90 beds, you’ll save nearly $5,000 a year with SoupedUp Catering software, after subscription fees. Not to mention the 320 hours you’ll save annually for each site.


Collaboration between clinical and catering teams - input and access up-to-date information across multiple devices

Save on dietitian menu reviews - all menus come reviewed by specialist dietitians

Easy order and supply management – create less waste

Effective management of all clinical dietary requirements and preferences


Resident dietary management

Blank menu templates (self population)

Pre populated four week cyclic menus with customisable choices

1200+ adaptable recipes with nutritional information & allergen labelling

Colour coded dietary and texture information

Over 50 operational reports

Dietitian’s certificate of achievement and menu analysis report

Live orders and dynamic reporting

Generate pantry list from an active or planning menus


Easy to implement

Cloud based SaaS solution

Friendly support team

Secure and protected data

Reduced operational costs

Accreditation and audit compliance

Increased operational efficiencies

Reduced administration time

Improved communication between and within care residences

Create your own custom menus or use ours

Give your residents the full restaurant experience with beautifully laid out menus.

Colour-coded dietary and texture modifications

Make it easy for your staff to get it right the first time, with colour-coded dietary and texture modifications.

Log in

Access our software anytime, anywhere, with our cloud-based availability. No IT experience is required!


Make the complex simple – experience SoupedUp in your aged care setting. Submit your details and we’ll be in touch to organise your demo.

Make the complex simple – experience SoupedUp in your care home setting. Submit your details and we’ll be in touch to organise your demo.

SoupedUp Training

Boost your catering care through our innovative training solution. Submit your details to view SoupedUp Training in action.

SoupedUp Catering

SoupedUp Catering Software supports the catering management of your care facility (care home) to deliver clinically appropriate, nutritious, safe, cost effective, resident focused restaurant-quality food to every resident simultaneously. It mitigates risk while meeting legislative and regulatory compliance.

Utilising the latest web development to ensure your set up costs are minimal, SoupedUp Catering provides the complete dietary and menu management of your residents. SoupedUp Catering allows management to control staff member access to different facilities (care homes), ideal for area or regional managers. The reports minimise administration time, improve efficiency, are iPad/tablet adaptable and ensure kitchens are accreditation and audit ready.




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