2018 HLAC Lifestyle Activities Individual Award – Catherine Doyle, Cranbrook Care Lansdowne Gardens

2018 HLAC Lifestyle Activities Individual Award – Catherine Doyle, Cranbrook Care Lansdowne Gardens

Life begins at Lansdowne Gardens.

Catherine Doyle is the Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator at Lansdowne Gardens in Neutral Bay on Sydney’s lower north shore. Since Catherine commenced, there has never been a dull moment and many of the residents can truly say that ‘Life Begins at Lansdowne Gardens’.

Catherine has made an outstanding contribution to resident wellbeing at Lansdowne Gardens through her enthusiasm, creativity and caring and compassionate nature. Nothing is too difficult and she is always coming up with new ideas, with the number of activities on offer to residents more than doubling since she came on board.

Catherine has a wonderful work ethic and often comes in outside her rostered hours. Residents are catered for with activities regardless of their physical and cognitive abilities. Catherine’s upbeat and dynamic attitude rubs off on the residents, making the lifestyle activities enjoyable for all.

Catherine manages the Leisure & Lifestyle team of three and they work well together in a cohesive team environment. This is somewhat complicated by the fact that Lansdowne Gardens is operated over two sites, 400 metres apart, making coordination of activities a little more challenging, but Catherine and her team are always on top of things.

Recently Lansdowne Gardens was refurbished, which meant that residents needed to leave their rooms for the day so that they could be painted and furniture replaced. While residents were out of their rooms, Catherine organised a full program, tailored specifically for each resident so that they were kept occupied during this time and not inconvenienced.

Using the latest diversional therapy techniques, Catherine is both experimental and respectful in her approach to ensure her activities cater to residents’ interests and hobbies, while also exposing them to new ideas to help them stay engaged.

A varied monthly activities calendar comprises six to eight activities each day on weekdays and five activities on Saturdays. There is cooking, card/board games, knitting group, exercises, newspaper and chat, movies, happy hour, trivia and walking groups.

Some of Catherine’s more innovative activities include Zumba dancing, Vibrant Voices Singing Group, Men’s Business Luncheons, Conservatorium of Music concerts, to somewhat gentler activities such as History Group, Enhanced Reading Group, Japanese Floral Arranging and Tea Tasting. Offsite activities are broad too, ranging from Sydney Opera House concerts and Kirribilli Yacht Squadron lunches to Cherry Blossom Festival excursions.

With such a broad array of activities on offer, it’s easy to see why residents are always ‘busy’, contributing to improved socialisation and overall resident wellbeing.

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