Helping your kitchen tackle the new Aged Care Quality Standards

PU4 pureed beetroot feta salad

Helping your kitchen tackle the new Aged Care Quality Standards

Pureed PU4 Beetroot and Feta Salad made at Nutritious Cuisine

This article has been prepared by Nutritious Cuisine: a dynamic food manufacturer using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to produce delicious clean label food service solutions for the health and aged care sector.

The enjoyment of preparing and eating a variety of foods is the zest for life. Sadly, this can be a major loss for many people when they enter aged care. That’s why empowering residents with the ability to choose food that ensures a wholesome and nourishing dining experience is so important.

But with a myriad of dietary requirements, food safety regulations and guidelines such as IDDSI to adhere to, offering choice as the new quality standards recommend, may challenge even the most seasoned catering team. Further, the financial constraints of using a standard “Cook-Fresh” system may make choice simply unfeasible.

At Nutritious Cuisine, we believe that a hybrid “Cook-Chill” system could be the answer. With a large chunk of the prep work already cut out for the chefs in the kitchen, they are able to spend more time on the more intricate components of the meal, as well as more time on meal presentation.

Nutritious Cuisine’s hybrid “Cook-Chill” system allows your catering team to draw from a matrix of different meal components to give numerous combinations, thus increasing your ability to cater for multiple dietary requirements and resident choices whilst keeping within the budget. With dishes in formats across all categories of the IDDSI food triangle, you have the option of a casserole like Butter Chicken as PU4, MM5, SB6 and also EC7, allowing even those with strict dietary requirements to feel included.

Our lives are shaped by the meals we eat and the people we eat them with. This is even more so the case in aged care and is exactly what we believe resident choice means in the new era of Aged Care Quality Standards.

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