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RATIONAL – Advanced Cook And Chill

RATIONAL – Advanced Cook And Chill

Advanced Cook and Chill using the SelfCookingCenter®
Efficient kitchen management.
Come and visit RATIONAL’S next event. What could make your kitchen more efficient? How can you implement a modern Cook and Chill solution? We will answer these questions and more at our event which focuses specifically on healthcare.

Experience the SelfCookingCenter® live. Call 03 8699 1200. Participation is free of charge.

The SelfCookingCenter® can free up or replace a wide variety of appliances, such as ovens, kettles, or fryers. You can grill, roast, bake, steam, or blanch food, all within a space of less than approx. 1m².

RATIONAL’s state of the art Chook and Chill system – Finishing®, is ideal if you want to offer food variety in large quantities and at excellent quality. Its success is based on separating production and serving.

You produce food in advance, when there’s time to do so. You can plan out the preparation of individual components over the space of a day or two. When you need the food, the containers are loaded on a rolling basis and brought to consumption temperature in just a few minutes. Container by container, your food will always be ready for serving hot, hygienically and always in the right quantity, or for portioning into meals.

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