2018 HLAC Hospitality Manager Award National Winner – Lindy Twyford, RFBI

2018 HLAC Hospitality Manager Award National Winner – Lindy Twyford, RFBI

Lindy Twyford - Hospitality Manager HLAC Award National Winner

A glittering jewel in the RFBI crown.

Responsible for supporting the catering service across 21 RFBI villages, Lindy Twyford has turned a career in catering into a true quality of life program for older Australians.

In the 27 years Lindy Twyford has worked at RFBI she has been an inspiration to catering teams across NSW/ACT, accepting nothing short of excellence from her chefs and catering staff. She uses her extensive knowledge to design and improve kitchen configurations, introduce new equipment, processes and menus to maximise the dining experience for both staff and residents. On admission, RFBI chefs meet with every new resident to discuss their likes and dislikes, recognising the importance of food to settling in well.

A continual focus on improving the dining experience, dignity and enjoyment is evident in the introduction of china crockery with assistance pieces (lipped plates, no spill cups) and fashion clothes protectors to ensure all diners have the same (dignified) dining experience.

Lindy also introduced RFBI’s popular fine dining program, where residents can invite family and friends to join them for a 3-course waiter service meal in a special dining room. Lindy’s passion for her vocation is contagious and she encourages her staff to expand their knowledge and complete formal qualifications in subjects such as commercial cooking, frontline management, food presentation or cake decorating. Leading by example, Lindy started at RFBI as a kitchen hand and put herself through a TAFE business catering course to progress in her chosen field. Sometimes the training is brought to the workplace; a recent partnership with TAFE to provide a kitchen skills course for Dubbo hospitality staff was provided on site. This enabled staff to remain in the village and learn new skills using familiar equipment in their workplace kitchen, adding valuable context to their learning.

Lindy’s dedication to her role and her residents has seen her seconded to villages across the organisation to support their food programs. Her kitchen has always received an A rating from the Food Authority and she has been instrumental in HACCP accreditation at her two villages for 15 years and 8 years respectively. Her passion for food quality and the staff that deliver this translates to her membership of the RFBI EBA Committee to ensure staff continue to be a priority for RFBI and as Vice President of the HSU, where this focus extends to the industry as a whole. The time and effort she gives to ensuring this vital service enhances resident’s comfort, memory and social engagement is second to none. Spending time listening to residents provides her inspiration for the next improvement, which she introduces with such enthusiasm it is embraced by all.

The impact of this lifetime of commitment is perfectly demonstrated by the tears and thanks Lindy receives when her actions and service touch the heart of a resident. She truly is one of the gems in the RFBI crown.

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