Monash University Internship Program

Monash University Internship Program

Gary Singh

Internship Position: Project Support and Research
Internship Period: 3 Months
Course: Professional Year program
University: Monash University


After Monash University set up an interview with SoupedUp Solutions, I went online to do some research and was very impressed with their cause: SoupedUp Solutions were working towards making the day to day functionality of aged care processes easy with their hospitality software. From my experience at university I had become very aware that, when it comes to IT, one of the biggest challenges is that people are not always willing to adapt to new technologies and develop new skills, a challenge which SoupedUp were actively taking on. This was something I wanted to be a part of, and the position was also very well suited to my interests so I took the opportunity to find out more about it.

During my three-month internship position, as project support, my roles included assisting in bug fixes for new releases and researching new developments for future consideration. My studies at Monash helped me prepare for my internship by teaching non-technical skills and giving insight on how to adapt to professional environments.

One of the most rewarding experiences from taking part in this internship was learning. I had learned skills, but the SoupedUp internship gave me industry experience that taught me how to use these skills. I was able to use my technical skills practically which was a great confidence booster! I gained a lot from this internship. I learned all about company culture, and how to work as a team to achieve something. But the best thing I achieved from this internship was a JOB.

On my last day as a SoupedUp intern, Belinda offered me a position as full-time Project Support Software and I was very happy to start my first job! – Gary Singh, Project Support @ SoupedUp

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