New Brand, New Feel

New Brand, New Feel


September 1, 2017

As of September 1, 2017, OSCAR Hospitality Solutions Pty Ltd will officially be known as SoupedUp Solutions Pty Ltd. OSCAR 3CP will now be known as SoupedUp, and the Catering Care Program will now be known as SoupedUp Catering Software.

We will still offer the amazing cloud-based Aged Care catering software solutions, and a great support team you have come to know and love, however under new company ownership, new branding and best of all, new direction.

With SoupedUp brings the introduction of new colors, new products, new partnerships, and a global expansion in order to bring new life to our brand and the industry.

CEO, Belinda Adams said “With a global launch on the horizon, our new brand incentivises us to grow and expand our software solutions and partnerships, and look to enhance the usability of our software, making it more efficient and user-friendly.”

Why SoupedUp?

SoupedUp – ‘to enhance or increase in appeal, power, performance’

“It defines what we do, and what we help facilities to achieve with their service offerings to their residents. The SoupedUp team is dedicated to empowering Aged Care providers to boost residents’ health and happiness.” Adams said.

“We are foodies. Everything we do is food related. So it made sense that our name referenced food. Like our software, soup is universal – applicable to every culture, in every country, for everyone.”

We will continue to be Australia’s leading Aged Care catering software solution.



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