Nominate your heroes

Nominate your heroes

Every minute, every day, there are people doing little things that count. Now’s the time to acknowledge the people that make an extraordinary difference in the lives of our aged community in care! Nominate your heroes now for a HLAC Award at

Anyone can nominate (individuals, a co-worker, residents, family, friends or facility) for 10 different awards, including:

  • 2018 Facility Catering Service
  • 2018 Catering Innovation
  • 2018 Hospitality Manager
  • 2018 Chef Manager
  • 2018 Chef/Cook
  • 2018 Food Service Assistant
  • 2018 Facility Cleaner
  • 2018 Laundry Services Individual
  • 2018 Lifestyle/Activities Individual
  • 2018 Facility Event/Theme Day


SoupedUp Training

Boost your catering care through our innovative training solution. Submit your details to view SoupedUp Training in action.

SoupedUp Catering

SoupedUp Catering Software supports the catering management of your care facility (care home) to deliver clinically appropriate, nutritious, safe, cost effective, resident focused restaurant-quality food to every resident simultaneously. It mitigates risk while meeting legislative and regulatory compliance.

Utilising the latest web development to ensure your set up costs are minimal, SoupedUp Catering provides the complete dietary and menu management of your residents. SoupedUp Catering allows management to control staff member access to different facilities (care homes), ideal for area or regional managers. The reports minimise administration time, improve efficiency, are iPad/tablet adaptable and ensure kitchens are accreditation and audit ready.




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