2018 HLAC Laundry Services Individual Award National Winner – Paulette Millgate, RFBI

2018 HLAC Laundry Services Individual Award National Winner – Paulette Millgate, RFBI

Laundry Services Individual HLAC Award

Next to Godliness.

Clean laundry is a vital part of our lives that we often take for granted. Managing the laundry for large numbers of people and volumes of clothes is a real challenge, especially where items could become lost or damaged quite easily. Even if these problems are addressed, people seem to have quite different preferences when it comes to their laundry.

Paulette Millgate has taken a new approach to providing laundry services at RFBI Dubbo Masonic Village and what shines through is her interaction with residents. Paulette recognises that different residents have different needs and works to accommodate them by taking the time to meet each resident when they first join the Masonic Village. She asks which items of clothing are specifically important to the resident and takes special care to ensure their precious items are not lost or damaged.

Paulette’s commitment to meeting individual laundry needs is highlighted in her treatment of one of RFBI’s resident, ‘Deirdre’. As a result of using a motorized wheelchair, Deirdre wears silky fabrics that are more comfortable to sit in but, as a result, cannot be washed normally. Paulette arranges to collect her washing separately and ensures a specific drying setting to protect Deirdre’s beloved silks.

It is this style of individually catered service that shows residents their preferences and opinions matter. Paulette shows a level of genuine care and commitment to her work and the residents she serves by listening to them and acting on what they say. Her ‘can do’ attitude makes her popular with residents and staff alike and is she is an exemplar of RFBI’s excellent customer service and consumer-directed care.

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