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How site specific surveys can put positivity back into the kitchen

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The star ratings system is up. The Residents Experience yearly surveys have commenced and the first round of results are in. The new food 'hotline' will soon be out.

The residents' experience is in the spotlight and providers have an opportunity to put positivity back into the kitchen, without additional stress to staff and their already busy schedules.

Say goodbye to generic and say hello to site specific

We know that food is the stepping stone of a resident’s day and each meal has the ability to make or break someone's day.

We also know that a positive dining experience is so much more than a simple yes answer to the question of "did you like the food?" which is why it's important to get specific.

It's all in the details.

Getting specific doesn't have to mean additional work or stress to an already busy workplace.

It can be difficult for residents to remember how a meal tasted, the ambience of the room and how they felt when dining if they were asked the question hours or days after they've had it.

With digital site specific survey tools this challenge can be removed. Survey technology like SoupedUp is automatically linked to a site's menu, making it easy for FSA's to ask specific questions related to meals or meal services. Simply pass the resident the ipad to complete online or print out for quick completion from the whole table then and there.

Positivity over punishment

In the Government yearly survey, the Residents’ Experience Rating contributes 33% to the overall site rating, but those working in aged care sites know that food holds much more importance to a resident's overall wellbeing.

Much like the residents wellbeing, food has a huge impact on staff in the kitchen. A quality meal is just as important to a chef as it is to the resident consuming it. This is why genuine resident feedback is vital. The good, the bad and everything in between.

What if we praised chefs for positive meals instead of dialing to dob in a poor one?

Obviously not all meals are going to meet the 5 star mark, but it's important for kitchen staff to receive all feedback, not just the negative ones. If kitchen staff have a pep in their step, they're more likely to produce an exceptional mealtime experience, as opposed to just a meal.

With surveys offering specific and varied feedback relating to each meal service or meal, chefs can review and tailor menus or recipes to make a positive impact, and do so without feeling guilt or shame.

Serve up satisfied residents

Catering staff at aged care sites all have one goal in common; serving up quality food that residents enjoy. This goal can be hard to reach if left purely up to external providers to conduct generic surveys or a hotline to deliver negative feedback.

Simple additions like digital survey tools, offer genuine feedback of all types, allowing staff to get a clear, detailed picture of how they are supporting resident choice.

Software delivering site specific feedback with catering staff at the helm, can only enhance the experience for residents, all while injecting a sense of optimism in the kitchen.

Find out more about adding SoupedUp surveys to your site.


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