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Serving Up More Time: New Partnership Dishes Out Valuable Time

Serving up more time: New partnership dishes out valuable time to catering teams in Australia’s aged care facilities by eliminating double-entry administration

A pair of innovative technology providers in Australia’s care sector have partnered up to integrate their products in a bid to provide specialised products that build better systems to support and liberate the residential aged care industry’s workforce.

Person Centred Software, a leading provider of digital care systems to Australian aged care facilities, has teamed up with SoupedUp, a cloud-based care catering software used in over 250 aged care facilities across Australia, to create a solution where care staff no longer need to physically spend time repetitively completing residents’ dietary records – an exciting opportunity to further innovate the sector in terms of time-saving, minimised errors and offering systems to amplify better consumer-directed care.

With many different clinical dietary requirements, allergies, dislikes, preferences, and cultural needs, manually managing food records daily has become a challenge. When changes are made to a resident’s diet, a manual form is completed and sent to the kitchen where a double-entry would have to be completed to update the kitchen records, as well as all the areas in the home where the data is held. By the time all the data is manually updated across the aged care facility, the information could be obsolete.

Traditional clinical systems and paper as a means for documentation create barriers and limitations to ensuring a resident’s preferences are steadily updated and readily available. As a resident’s preferences and dietary requirements change and adjust, the real-time collection and distribution of information that is unique to Person Centred Software’s system can be pulled through to the SoupedUp software, ensuring dietary requirements and preferences find their way to the kitchen promptly, alleviating risks and optimising a resident’s experience.

Belinda Adams, CEO and founder of SoupedUp, said: “Having worked in the aged care industry for over 20 years now, I know first-hand the administrative burden that is placed on catering teams. Compliance is paramount however the ever-increasing compliance requirements create more risk.

“In aged care catering, we have six different textures of food, five different fluid textures, 100 different allergies, intolerances, and dislikes, and at least five different cultures we cater for at every meal service. Residents eat six times a day, 365 days a year! Having to manually record and maintain that volume of data is a big concern. The integration will ensure that any change to a resident’s profile on Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring system will push through to SoupedUp Catering and automatically notify our users there has been a change. Having access to this live data is such a powerful tool for all.”

Tammy Sherwood, CEO of Person Centred Software Australia, said: “We’re excited about our new partnership with SoupedUp. It will be a much-needed solution in eliminating double-entry and providing one source of truth that can pull data through to another system, catering teams across the country can focus on preparing delicious, healthy food and not filling out forms. Ultimately, it serves to highlight another benefit of how going digital, or moving to a more person-centred clinical management system, can make life easier in an aged care facility.”

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About Person Centred Software Australia

Person Centred Software is a leading global technology company and developer of an app-based Mobile Care Monitoring system that allows care home staff to digitally plan, record and monitor the care of residents as it is given. Widely used throughout the industry, the software has been developed with over 20 years’ experience in social care and is focused on improving the lives of service users and care staff whilst providing aged care facilities with the tools necessary to help them achieve outstanding levels of care. Person Centred Software officially launched in Australia in May 2018 and is currently being used by 80 aged care facilities with further plans for growth.


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