Return of the strawberry

baked strawberry cheesecake

Return of the strawberry

baked strawberry cheesecakeWith the arrest of a 50 year old woman earlier this month in relation to the September strawberry tampering debacle, we can finally rest easy. No longer do we need to live in fear of hidden needles in our groceries, leaving us free to enjoy the summer harvest in peace. As we head into the summer months it’s a great time to to go strawberry picking and enjoy the freshest produce, sweetened by the effort gone into the picking. For those who can’t get away for a day, there are plenty of ways to enjoy frozen strawberries as well, like in this baked strawberry cheesecake.

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IngredientsAllergens PrepUnitServe 12
Biscuit, Nice  milkeggglutenwheatpeanutssesame seedsSoyatree nutsg400
Sugar, Brown g60
Butter, Plain, No added salt milkg200
Cheese spread, Cream cheese, Regular fat milkSoftened g800
Sugar, Caster g320
Mixed berry, Frozen Juice g90
Lemon peel, Raw Zest g44.8
Vanilla, Artificial check labelml2
Egg, Chicken, Whole raw eggg220
Strawberry, Purchased frozen check labelg320
Cream, Regular thickened, 35% fat milkml190
Egg, Chicken, Yolk raw eggg26.7


1. Process biscuits and brown sugar in a food processor until fine crumbs form.

2. Add butter and process until combined. Using hands, press mixture over the base and sides of a baking tray, finishing 1cm from the top.

3. Preheat over to 220°C. Place cream cheese and castor sugar in a bowl then grate lemon rind over. Add lemon juice to cream cheese mixture with vanilla, beat until smooth.

4. Add eggs, beating until just combined. Add egg yolk and beat until just combined. Gently fold through the strawberries and cream.

5. Pour mixture into tin with base until level with top of crumbs. Bake for 10 minutes, reduce heat to 160°C and bake for a further 45 minutes-1 hr, until mixture is set.

6. Cover and chill for 4 hours. Serve.


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