Spooky Scary Salad

Chargrilled Pumpkin & Haloumi Salad

Spooky Scary Salad


Cobwebs and skeletons are going up in many storefronts and pumpkin spiced coffee has returned to café chains around the country. This can only mean one thing, the spooky season is upon us. The end of October is near and so too is the most ghoulish of days, Halloween!

Whether or not you celebrate or subscribe to this very Americanized event, Halloween is still a fun excuse to dress up and have a party. What would a party be however, if it didn’t have food?

So get on board with the festive ingredient of this scary season with Chargrilled Pumpkin & Haloumi Salad. It’s a delicious choice that will make your friends believe you are frighteningly good in the kitchen.


IngredientsAllergens PrepUnitServe 6
Pumpkin, Fresh or frozen raw Thinly Slice g700.0
Cheese, Haloumi Slice g190.0
Spinach, Baby, Fresh, raw g200.0
Nut, Walnut, Raw unsalted g86.0
Seed, Sunflower, Unsalted g28.0
Parsley, Continental, Raw Finely Chop g60.0
Vinegar, Red wine ml30
Oil, Olive ml30
Pepper, Black or white, Ground g6



1. Spray chargrill with oil. Heat over medium heat. Cook pumpkin for 3 to 4 mintes each side until tender. Transfer to a bowl.

2. Cook haloumi for 1 minute each side or until golden brown.

3. Add haloumi, spinach, walnuts, sunflower seeds and parsley to pumpkin.

4. Whisk vinegar and oil together in a jug and season with pepper. Drizzle over pumpkin mixture and toss gently to combine. Serve.

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