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It comes as no great shock that the Royal Commission’s Interim Report paints a grim picture of the aged care industry. Titled ‘Neglect’, the report called for immediate action in three key areas: Cease the use of chemical and physical restraints Streamline the home care package delivery process, and Remove young people who have been inappropriately placed into aged care. Another theme centred on the experience of those entering care, describing it as an “overwhelming sense of loss”, with many…

Aged care nutrition, menu management, training, food budgets and procurement practices were the focus of the Royal Commission hearing in Cairns. Three aged care chefs and celebrity chef Maggie Beer gave evidence, together with speech pathologists, dietitians and oral care specialists. The hearing highlighted both ends of the spectrum in aged care catering – from the challenges chefs face preparing meals for residents on budgets as low as $6.50 a day, to what you can achieve on $16 a day,…

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best. Many of our favourite comfort foods are simple and yet they occupy a greater place in our hearts than the finest gourmet cuisine. Recipes we see popping up on SoupedUp menus, time and time again are humble staples like fish and chips and sardines on toast. In the spirit of keeping things simple, this #soupeduprecipe has no bells or whistles, in fact it only has a couple of steps. Made it?…

In the colder months, what could be better than a sweet roasted pumpkin tart with creamy ricotta? Pumpkins are in season now in Australia and it’s one of those staple ‘wintery’ foods that doesn’t need to be overly complicated to be utterly delicious. Here’s our recipe for Pumpkin tart from the #SoupedUpKitchen, which you can jazz up with feta if you’re looking for more of a salty uplift. Why we love pumpkin for aged care? Apart from its comfort factor,…

Olive oil, lime juice and delicate Spring herbs combine to create the perfect marinade for fish, atop a creamy, sweet puree of minted peas that will surprise and delight your residents. Cooking tips As fish is more delicate than chicken or beef, avoid leaving strong citrus-based marinades on fish for more than 10 to 15 minutes or you will end up with ceviche. The acid in ingredients such as lemons or limes will ‘cook’ the fish if given the time….

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SoupedUp Catering Software supports the catering management of your care facility (care home) to deliver clinically appropriate, nutritious, safe, cost effective, resident focused restaurant-quality food to every resident simultaneously. It mitigates risk while meeting legislative and regulatory compliance.

Utilising the latest web development to ensure your set up costs are minimal, SoupedUp Catering provides the complete dietary and menu management of your residents. SoupedUp Catering allows management to control staff member access to different facilities (care homes), ideal for area or regional managers. The reports minimise administration time, improve efficiency, are iPad/tablet adaptable and ensure kitchens are accreditation and audit ready.




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