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With a pandemic comes many changes in protocols and procedures, and to make catering safer and easier for both residents and staff, we have made some changes to our SoupedUp software. Should a resident test positive to COVID-19 (or another infectious disease) our software users are able to add the following dietary information terms: Covid Positive High Risk Wear PPE Disposables By adding this information to a residents profile, kitchen and delivery teams can easily identify infectious residents, and therefore…

The unfortunate, increasing number of COVID-19 cases throughout care facilities may mean a review of existing catering processes and procedures. Developing a specific outbreak menu if COVID-19 is contracted, is a great way to plan for meal preparation with limited staff in a COVID-19 safe environment. Food for thought Things like pre-prepared meal kits or selecting ingredients that can be easily sourced during the pandemic, can ensure residents continue to receive adequate nutrition and hydration if there’s a COVID-19 outbreak,…

Tracy Sutherland, our UK General Manager, spoke with the editor at the Care Home Environment about how SoupedUp is breaking the mould, empowering chefs, and lifting industry standards. When Belinda Adams founded SoupedUp over a decade ago, she had one goal in mind – to connect catering and care, everywhere. Working in the hospitality and care sectors, she knew all too well the complexities and pressures on care providers to deliver nutritious, wholesome food on strict budgets. This, at the…

Ah, paperwork! Something that must be done; however, no one likes doing it. Filling out form after form, day after day, can be extremely laborious and costly both in time and money, and now in the age of COVID-19, it can also be deadly. An average 50 bed residential care home spends up to 2 hours per day per resident completing manual paperwork. General administration, medication management, clinical care, training, managing purchasing, meal planning, catering, dietary requirements and evidencing everything…

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