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Since the introduction of the new Quality Standards, auditors have been running a fine-tooth comb through providers’ processes, with particular emphasis on observing the dining experience. It is particularly saddening that the standard on nutrition and hydration has often not been met, with estimates suggesting as many as 60% of aged care residents could be malnourished. When we think of nutrition we generally jump to food. If our food isn’t nutritious we miss out on essential ingredients that our bodies need…

1 July 2019 marks the beginning of the new aged care quality standards. The standards support a new focus where personalised care, dignity and choice are at the forefront of every consumer interaction. The new standards centre around consumer dignity and choice personal and clinical care services and supports for daily living service environment feedback and complaints human resources organisational governance and ongoing assessment   The new standards are accompanied by a statement to help judge whether a site meets…

In our ongoing series on innovations in care catering and food safety, SoupedUp was delighted to speak with Nicola Michelon, CEO of UNOX, Italy, about the Evereo Hot Fridge, which combines the concept of slow food and fast service, without compromising taste, texture or food safety. Q. What was the driving force behind the invention of the Hot Fridge? A. For those of you who love to cook with chocolate, you may know that when you put chocolate into a…

This article has been prepared by Nutritious Cuisine: a dynamic food manufacturer using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to produce delicious clean label food service solutions for the health and aged care sector. The enjoyment of preparing and eating a variety of foods is the zest for life. Sadly, this can be a major loss for many people when they enter aged care. That’s why empowering residents with the ability to choose food that ensures a wholesome and nourishing dining experience…

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