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The weather is well and truly heating up this May. The flowers are blooming and the sun is shining – perfect weather for some alfresco dining! The types of foods that suit this warmer weather are generally lighter, alkaline-rich foods to help detox from richer winter fare. Often salads don’t get the love they deserve, they are only used as sides or as part of a platter. Salads are so much more than this and can be a main meal all…

Ingredients Prep Unit Serve 30 Salad kg 1.8 Tomato, common, raw Thinly Slice g 600 Beetroot, purple, peeled fresh or frozen raw Slice g 600 Carrot, mature, peeled or unpeeled fresh or frozen raw Grate g 600 Cheese, cheddar, natural flavoured Grate g 600 Salmon, smoked, sliced kg 1.8 Method Shred, slice or dice salad lettuce. Arrange each salad vegetable, cheese and salmon on a serving plate.   Dietary Suitability   Healthy Choices Suitable for healthy choices.   Vegetarian Diet Replace…

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