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Suitable for vegetarians, these savoury muffins make the perfect morning tea or afternoon tea snack. The use of polenta gives the muffins a much softer texture than a traditional corn muffin, and they are so easy and quick to make. Full of vegetables and cheese, these mouth-watering savouries are great on their own or as an accompaniment to hot soup for a larger meal. Made it?  Snap a photo and hashtag it #soupeduprecipes. We love to see your creations on…

This delicious, cheesy, mouthwatering bake is the perfect winter warming dinner dish. Not only is this meal full of flavour, it contains salmon, which includes EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids that help to decrease inflammation and protect the heart and brain. If you’re looking for a recipe that’s high in protein, potassium, selenium and B-vitamins, our Salmon and Asparagus Mornay is a great choice! Made it?  Snap a photo and hashtag it #soupeduprecipes. We love to see your creations…

Filling and decadent, this warm pasta salad meets the brief of tasty and nutritious. Avocado, a key ingredient,  is rich in tryptophan, a pre-cursor to serotonin – our feel-good chemical. It also contains folate and omega 3 fatty acids. This combination is known to help regulate our brain’s neaurotransmitters. Our Avocado, Bean & Rocket Pasta is straight from the SoupedUp kitchen and is a resident favourite! Made it?  Snap a photo and hashtag it #soupeduprecipes. We love to see your…

Stay healthy and strong with our protein-rich, longevity-promoting, vegetable and lentil curry. By combining lentils with the vitamin C from the whole tomatoes in this recipe, those eating this curry will absorb double the amount of iron than in a standard dish. Straight from the SoupedUp kitchen, this mouth watering winter warming recipe will make up to 30 servings. Made it?  Snap a photo and hashtag it #soupeduprecipes. We love to see your creations on Instagram and Facebook! Method Heat…

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