Video training and E-learning – a flexible, cost-effective way to upskill

Video training and e-learning

Video training and E-learning – a flexible, cost-effective way to upskill

Video training and e-learningThe internet and, more recently, smart devices have opened up untold opportunities to connect, revolutionising the way we work, rest, play and learn. The exponential rise of video training and e-learning shows no signs of slowing, with over 80% of all internet traffic projected to be some form of video by 2019.

Electronic learning or E-learning is the term used to describe systems of education conducted on electronic media, most typically online. It is the process of packaging digital resources such as files and video to educate, test and now even certify. It’s why the internet is so powerful a tool for change – anyone with internet access can learn almost any topic on at least a rudimentary level.

When applied in the context of staff training, e-learning offers several key benefits:


Individual Learning

save timeWe all learn at a different pace and e-learning respects this. By allowing people to engage with content when – and where – it suits them leads to better learning outcomes. Of course, there will always be some content involving steps and processes that are too complicated or important to leave to individual self-learning, but by employing e-learning where that isn’t the case frees up more time to focus on those critical points in face to face training.


standardsWhen training staff it is important there is consistency in what is being taught. By utilising online resources, such as videos and quizzes, you can guarantee that each staff member is exposed to the same information and individual competencies are objective and comparable.


Promoting individual learning with e-learning resources makes the whole process of staff training flexible and easy to manage. Courses can be taken anywhere with internet connection, whenever opportunity presents, eliminating the need to formally schedule time for staff to undertake professional development. An added benefit is staff can also start and stop at their own pace without affecting their progress and multiple-choice online quizzing provides immediate feedback.

Ease of review

filesWorking online also eliminates a lot of paperwork with data all stored in one place, making it simple to check staff progress and identify learning opportunities. Having an automatic training register and certificates of course completion all in one place is really useful for industries that have mandated quality standards and accreditation requirements.

The SoupedUp Training module, with its expanding library of instructional videos, quizzes and fact sheets is the perfect way to experience the benefits of e-learning in your facility. Find out more here.

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