What do families look for in a facility? The questions you need to be asking!

What do families look for in a facility? The questions you need to be asking!

When it comes to choosing an aged care facility for a loved one there is plenty to consider. It’s all about finding the right facility to suit you. We have done the hard work for you and come up with a checklist of must-haves when choosing a facility!

Food & Dining

Food is such an important part of our lives, no matter our age. We recommend finding a facility that offers a variety of enjoyable and nutritious meal options. How often does the menu change? Do they accommodate for personal preferences and dietary requirements? Do they offer extra services? All great questions to ask before committing to a facility!


What opportunities are there to interact socially and participate in community groups? What types of activities are on offer? Do residents have the option to organise their own activities and groups? What resources are available? E.g. access to computers and the internet.

Be sure to ask the facility how it meets the residents’ needs concerning lifestyle and other hobbies or interests, to make this an enjoyable and comfortable experience for your loved ones.

Health and Wellness

Consider how the facility can assist in all areas of health and wellness. Is there access to health care professionals, what programs exist to support residents at every stage of care? What is the policy for when needs change? Do they offer rehabilitation and therapy programs?

We know you want the best for your loved ones, and it’s important to know that they will be well looked after. While you may not be able to support them in all their requests, it’s also important to give them a voice in the decision-making process to help them feel conformable and safe throughout this process.


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