2018 HLAC Facility Event Theme Day Award – Whiddon Laurieton

2018 HLAC Facility Event Theme Day Award – Whiddon Laurieton

Around the Globe Festival.

Events and celebrations have always been something Whiddon Laurieton has placed a focus on, and something that residents absolutely love. The ‘Around the Globe Festival’ provides the springboard for Whiddon Laurieton to create something special for their residents, to bring them together and celebrate different cultural experiences as a family.

Whiddon Laurieton’s ‘Around the Globe Festival’ is a monthly event themed around a different culture, selected on the background of residents and staff, places residents have travelled to and days they love to celebrate.

Seeking inspiration from residents, especially when they are celebrating a resident’s cultural background, the leisure team finds out more about their culture, their favourite dishes and involves residents in creating meaningful and respectful events. The Festival helps staff to get to know their residents and build strong relationships by finding out what’s important to them, and hearing their story, which aligns with the organisation’s model of care, MyLife.

The events are well thought out and many of the home’s teams are involved. The catering team creates the authentic and delicious cultural dishes, the leisure team curates the entertainment and incredible theming, and the care workers help residents to get ready and prepare the perfect outfit to wear.

The Festival was inspired by the home’s annual Greek Day event that residents look forward to with great excitement. At this year’s event, there was Greek dancing, entertainment, a themed menu and everyone dressed up. The local newspaper, The Camden Haven Courier, captured the magical moments on the day, helping to raise community awareness of the types of events that are celebrated at the home. Whiddon Laurieton received many positive comments from the community, families and residents. There was a buzz around the home and excitement about what’s next!

To celebrate 103 year old resident Marinus who was born in Holland, the theme chosen was ‘tiptoe through the tulips’. Germany is celebrated in October with an Octoberfest event, Indian culture is celebrated with a Bollywood event, French culture is celebrated with ‘a night in Paris’ and Irish culture is honoured on St Patrick’s Day. The Festival has been embraced with incredible enthusiasm and has had a very positive impact at the home, encouraging social connection, sharing of stories, and some very special experiences for residents. Staff involve residents in the creation of the events, so it is something they can feel proud to be a part of and share with others. For staff, it is incredibly rewarding to be able to help bring a piece of the world for residents to enjoy.

The Around the Globe Festival creates a buzz, brings opportunities for storytelling and helps our residents to truly feel like they are a family at Whiddon Laurieton.

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