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About Us

Our Story

Australia’s leading aged care catering software provider, SoupedUp was created to make world-class aged care catering a reality.

The SoupedUp team know first-hand that food is the stepping stone of a resident’s day. We believe every meal is an opportunity to enrich a life, make someone’s day, and above all – nourish the soul.

What stands in the way is the incredible complexity of aged care catering. With many different clinical dietary requirements, allergies, dislikes, preferences, and cultural needs, managing this manually on a daily basis has become a challenge.

SoupedUp software tackles this challenge head-on by empowering aged care providers to create a better experience for their residents.

Our Team

The SoupedUp team is dedicated to empowering aged care providers to boost residents’ health and happiness. Led by Belinda Adams, the team includes IT specialists and developers, and domain experts.

SoupedUp is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and Kent, UK.

Belinda copy_edited.jpg

Belinda Adams

CEO & Founder

Investor in fabulous shoes; frustrated property developer.

Paige copy_edited.jpg

Paige Hanford

Operations Manager

A travel enthusiast and

budding artist with green thumbs.

Rhonda copy_edited.jpg

Rhonda Pastura

Training & Support Manager

Loves warm sunshine, sea cruises and time with family and friends.

Alycia copy_edited.jpg

Alycia Johnson

Marketing &
Communications Manager

Avid podcast listener;

enjoys humorous memes.

Tracy copy_edited.jpg

Tracy Sutherland

General Manager, UK

Lover of travel; fond of vintage clocks.

Lisa copy_edited.jpg

Lisa Pearce

Implementation Manager

Avid reader, traveller and novice cake baker / decorator

Sonia copy_edited.jpg

Sonia Aberl

Product Manager

Loves spending time with family;

Coffee snob.

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