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Clinical Integration


SoupedUp has partnered with leading software providers to integrate clinical and IT software with our catering solution.

Automate Data flow

Automate data flow

Save on data entry time by entering all at once

Save time and resourses

Keep a single source of truth

Obtain a single source of truth for data

Automate data flow between clinical and catering

Obtain a single source of truth for resident data with a one-way integration into SoupedUp's catering software.

Save on data entry by entering information once
Maintain a consistent and current record for each resident

Obtain up-to-date resident information that reflects current care plans, dietary and other important clinical information.

Automate data flow between clinical and catering
Save time and resources while reducing risk

Reduce time, resources and the risk of miscommunication and data entry errors by entering information only once.

Reduce risks of incorrect meal service

Key features

  • Complete integration with clinical care software including Person Centred Software, Manad and Leecare

  • Integration with middleware solutions such as Dell Boomi

  • Integration with single sign-on providers such as Okta and Azure

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Manad plus
Dell boomi

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