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Our core product Catering streamlines resident dietary management, and reduces the risks associated with food service delivery.

Meal blocking for textures and allergies

Offer more

choice safely

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Caters for the continuum of care

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Integrates with clinical software and other SoupedUp products

100% cloud, access anytime, anywhere

100% cloud-based software, access anytime, anywhere


Risk and compliance management

Privacy and data secure, including GDPR

Privacy and data
secure, including

Greater operational efficiency
Control and flexibility in menu design

Control your menu template at a head office level, and give chefs the flexibility to tailor menus onsite.

Promote resident choice and dignity
Reduce administration time via clinical integration

Obtain a seamless data flow, reduce risk of miscommunication and data entry errors by entering information only once.

Stronger governance and menu standardisation
Greater operational efficiency

Our Catering software will streamline your entire operational process from resident meal ordering to food delivery, while improving communication between your care and catering teams.

Control and flexibility in menu design
Promote resident choice and dignity

Capture residents' dietary requirements, including portion size, allergens, texture modifications and more.

Use one of our 1,200 adaptable recipes including nutritional information and allergen labelling, or create your own.

Reduce administration time
Stronger governance and menu standardisation

Standardise menus and meal choices, leading to stronger governance and improved visibility.

Key features

  • Live meal ordering with meal blocking for those residents with special diets, allergies or texture modified diets

  • Photos of recipes on live ordering form

  • Integration with clinical software for seamless data flow and up-to-date resident clinical information

  • Flexible menu template creation (1-8 week cycles)

  • 1200+ recipes with nutritional information, allergens and IDDSI appropriate textures

  • Colour coded dietary and texture information

  • Over 50 operational reports

  • Shopping lists

  • Preloaded menus and menu template

  • Cloud-based software and accessible on smart phone, tablet, laptop and notebook

  • IDDSI and Australian Textures available

  • Head office functionality to manage multisite organisations with ease

  • Customised user permissions

  • Actions are date, time and user stamped

  • Customised dietary fields

SoupedUp Catering will help the whole team

Catering team
Catering team
  • Access thousands of recipes and ingredients

  • Save time by building one menu template and use it to create seasonal menus

  • Access over 50 reports and customise to your needs

  • Review meal summaries for residents

  • Customise tray tags for individual resident requirements

Management team
  • View meal delivery status of residents

  • Easily access resident profiles containing important data such as allergies and texture modified diets

  • Head office functionality available for management

  • Give users access to certain areas of the software based on their user roles

IT team
IT team
  • Gain peace of mind using a SaaS cloud-based software

  • Single sign-on capability

  • Secure and protected data

  • Friendly support team to assist with implementation

  • Annual penetration tests

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