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Care360 is Australia’s only independent search service for aged care Finding the right aged care home can be an emotional and overwhelming task. Care360 helps streamline the process by putting all the information you need at your fingertips. Transitioning a loved one into aged care can be an emotional time filled with many questions. How do I find the right aged care home for my loved one...Details
Checked In Care is passionate about providing a better quality of life, whilst at the same time substantially reducing the cost to do so. A holistic support model does more than just including the care needs of an individual – it must also include other key support items such as emotional, social, spiritual, medical and financial advice and support. By providing a more holistic support approa...Details
, Premium quality food labelling and food safety solutions. Established in 1996, Fildes Food Safety provides premium food safety solutions to all levels of the restaurant and food manufacturing industries. Chefs and Kitchen Managers have learned to rely on our quality products and services so we have become a mainstay in helping their businesses achieve optimal outcomes for their customers. ...Details
, Leading Nutrition helped over 400 homes last year…. All around Australia to improve nutrition outcomes for their residents.  Imagine how we could help you! The secret to successfully helping so many homes is no secret at all.  It lies in our core values of Care, Collaboration and Innovation. Our dietitians work closely with every home to provide a truly tailored service that brings tog...Details
, , , Nestlé Health Science is the first of a new breed of health-science company. Advancing the role of nutrition to change the course of health management for consumers, patients, doctors, nurses and our partners in healthcare: this is our focus. The role of nutrition is entering a new stage of discovery and innovation – not just in addressing nutritional gaps but with potentially direct therape...Details
, , , Putting hospitality back into hospitality The concept behind Nutritious Cuisine was born when Rodger Graf, Managing Director and owner Creative Cuisine identified the challenges that face Aged Care. Roger formed Nutritious Cuisine which partners with Food Professionals to help design and tailor foodservice options to suit the needs of Health & Aged Sector. Nutritious Cuisine, our commi...Details
Advanced Cook and Chill using the SelfCookingCenter®      Efficient kitchen management. Come and visit RATIONAL'S next event. What could make your kitchen more efficient? How can you implement a modern Cook and Chill solution? We will answer these questions and more at our event which focuses specifically on healthcare. Experience the SelfCookingCenter® live. Call 03 8699 1200. Partic...Details
, , Quality food, consistent supply As an Australian business owned by Australian farmers, we understand the importance of both quality food ingredients and consistency of supply. For that reason, we seek dedicated growers and food producers who share our commitment to both quality and cost-effective pricing. Riviana Food Service is the food service division of Riviana Australia, which is a wh...Details
Robot Coupe offers a range of machines suited to Aged Care requirements: - Blixer: Texture modified meal preparation. - Stick Blenders: Mix thickened fluids or soups. - Vegetable Preparation units: Salads and sandwiches. - Juicer: Increase daily vitamins intake, hydration, mobility and social interaction. Robot Coupe invented and patented the Food Processor over 60 years ago in the hear...Details
Universal Village (International) is a Fair Trade company that specialises in healthy and delicious teas for consumers who care about their health and who want to have a positive impact on the world. Universal Village source certified Fair Trade tea from around the world, develop brands and packaging and wholesale  products to people via retailers and their online store. Their innovativ...Details

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