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Barneys in the Plaza – an Innovation Sparked from Covid-19

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

2021 Catering Innovation through COVID-19

Crowley Care

Coffee and cake are staples for residents and their families at Crowley Care. Their onsite café “Barneys” is a popular attraction with regular visits from residents and those in independent living.

When covid-19 restrictions set in and forced Barneys to close, the team at Crowley Care knew they had to think outside the box to make sure residents could still enjoy their beloved coffee together in safe environment!

And that they did.

The Crowley Care team knew the importance of providing a safe space for residents that supported social connections and mental wellbeing.

A purpose-built coffee van was installed in the plaza with simplified menus (still with crowd favourites) to ensure staff could serve meals in a covid-safe environment.

Aptly named ‘Barneys in the Plaza’, this alternative café soon became the go-to spot for residents and families. Even the postman stopped by on his morning route.

After restrictions had lifted, due to its popularity, Barneys in the Plaza is now a permanent fixture alongside the original Barneys Cafe. It’s now the chosen meeting place for the entire village and there’s plans underway to make it weatherproof!

What originally started as an alternative quickly transformed into a new and exciting hot spot for residents, showing that innovation can come when you least expect it!

The Catering Innovation through COVID-19 award is Awarded to an aged care site that can demonstrate how a catering related product or service innovation has transformed existing services and enhanced the lives of residents during COVID-19.


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