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Rudy Manu - Debunking the Stigma That Aged Care Food is Poor Quality

2021 HLAC Awards - Chef/Cook of the Year

For more than 20 years, Rudy has worked as a qualified chef, putting in 110% to deliver quality food.

It is Rudy’s passion and enthusiasm to deliver 5-star quality food and debunk the stigma that food in aged care is poor quality that lead his fellow Arcare colleagues to nominate him for a HLAC Award.

From preparation through to presentation, Rudy goes above and beyond. Getting feedback, running monthly food focus meetings with residents and family members and following-up with suppliers and other staff to make improvements are just some of the ways Rudy ensures food is outstanding.

Whether it’s trailing different cake and dessert recipes in-house, briefing staff on how to plate-up food so it the best presentation possible each time, or working on creative ways to deliver minced moist meals, Rudy “makes it his mission to deliver a positive and satisfying experience for our residents at every mealtime”.

Rudy’s colleagues appreciate his enthusiastic attitude, how he makes an effort to develop relationships with residents and teams up with lifestyle team members to create memorable, fun events.

The 2021 Chef/Cook of the Year Award is awarded to a Chef or Cook whose positive attitude and dedication to the quality and presentation of food produced in their site is outstanding.


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