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Lindsey O'Grady… The Man, The Manager, The Legend

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

2021 HLAC Awards - Hospitality Manager of the Year

Lindsey O'Grady

Uniting Hawkesbury Richmond and Uniting Springwood

When a member of your team nominates you for an award with the title ‘The Man, The Manager, The Legend’, you know this individual must be a fantastic leader.

Lindsey O'Grady is the Catering Manager at Uniting Care Hawkesbury and Springwood who has made an impression on both staff and residents.

This approachable, friendly leader goes out of his way to involve residents in challenges and activities to continually improve the quality of food he serves.

Lindsey is dedicated to food quality and presentation and has a knack for getting residents to participate, by igniting their competitive spirits and encouraging their love of food.

Lindsey’s team members like that he never goes by without an "all good" comment or an offer to help if he sees someone struggling.

They appreciate his friendly, hands-on leadership, whether it’s “right there with us cooking, chatting with residents, or checking that all is well within our job requirements”.

The 2021 Hospitality Manager of the Year Award is awarded to an individual who leads by example and is dedicated to their staff and residents.

This individual will be someone who has inspired other team members and creates a working environment that fosters growth and development.


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