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2023 HLAC Hero Spotlight: Meet Deborah Sheppard

Deborah Sheppard - Diversional Therapist - Bolton Clarke Glendale Aged Care

Both residents and staff at Bolton Clarke Glendale have nothing but kind words to say about Deborah Sheppard.

When she goes out of her way to arrange personalised activities involving family members for each resident, and keeps her finger on the pulse to make sure she's adding new and exciting events in the calendar, it's not hard to see why.

Juanita nominated Deborah for a 2023 Hospitality and Lifestyle Aged Care (HLAC) Award, for her efforts to continuously create an "environment full of joy" that residents get to call home.

Juanita says "it’s always hard to pin Deborah down but that’s simply because she is always on the go creating fantastic activities personalised for residents".

The rave reviews she gets from those around her demonstrates how hard she works to create an environment full of joy.

"From romantic lunches with their loved ones to artistic projects getting the whole home involved, Deborah is consistently implementing new and exciting ways to keep residents and their family members engaged" Juanita concludes.

The Hospitality and Lifestyle Aged Care (HLAC) Awards, a program run by SoupedUp, recognises and rewards outstanding team members across catering, cleaning, laundry, and lifestyle services within aged care homes.

The unique program is designed specifically for hospitality and lifestyle staff, in an aim to award and acknowledge the roles and professions that often fly under the radar in aged care.

More information on the 2024 Hospitality and Lifestyle Aged Care (HLAC) Awards will be announced soon.


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