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3 Easy Easter Activities to Get Egg-cited About

Looking for some fun foodie activities to serve alongside your hot cross buns this Easter? We've listed 3 easy activities to get residents involved and egg-cited about!

1. Coloured easter eggs

A fun, easy activity to suit people of all ages. Tables could be set up in the dining room with different colours to allow residents to pick their favourites. Those without allergies or intolerances could even tuck into their dyed eggs for a delicious breakfast or snack.

2. Dining room décor

Add a touch of Easter to the dining room décor and have everyone talking! Create Easter themed menus, table centerpieces or napkins to change things up. Unilever has some great templates you can download or use as inspiration.

3. Easter egg decorating

Residents can enjoy painting fake easter eggs as an activity on it's own, or get their craft on and add more options such as glitter, stick on jewels or craft bird's nests. The decorations can be placed in fake bird's nests or hung from string around the site to show residents artwork.

You'll need:

  • Fake eggs (wooded or polystyrene)

  • Acrylic paint

  • Paint brushes

Want more inspiration for events and activities? We have loads in our Events software to help take the work out of events and leave just the fun. Visit our Events page for more information or contact us to learn more.


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