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Get Ready to Celebrate NAIDOC Week in Aged Care with These Interactive Activities!

Are you looking for ways to commemorate and acknowledge NAIDOC Week but not sure where to start? Don't worry, Lifestyle teams - we've got you covered!

Here's a list of nine interactive activities that residents can join in on, all of which can be seamlessly incorporated into your July activities program.

  1. NAIDOC Week Decorations: Decorate the dining room/s with Indigenous artwork or posters submitted via the NAIDOC website. Use the NAIDOC posters as placemats for residents and consider updating the table decor in First Nations colours. Encourage residents to help decorate common areas with Indigenous artwork, flags, and symbols to create a festive and respectful atmosphere.

  2. Cooking Demonstrations: Prepare and share traditional Indigenous dishes as part of the lifestyle activities program for the month. Residents can enjoy tasting new flavours and learning about the significance of various foods in an interactive session.

  3. Cultural Storytelling Sessions: Invite Indigenous elders from the community to share their stories and experiences. This can provide residents with a deeper understanding of Indigenous culture and history.

  4. Clans and languages: Find the traditional owners of the lands that your residential aged care site is on. Then, find the language of your local area (First Languages Australia: Learn some words in the local language and display these in your aged care facility.

  5. Music and Dance Performances: Play some songs and learn the stories of some First Nations musicians and dancers. Encourage residents to participate in learning simple dance steps or singing along.

  6. Film Screenings: Show documentaries and movies that highlight Indigenous culture, history, and contemporary issues. Follow up with a discussion to engage residents further.

  7. Cultural Games and Activities: Introduce traditional Indigenous games that are easy and fun for residents to play. These activities can be both physically engaging and educational.

  8. Nature Walks and Talks: Arrange guided walks in nearby natural areas, focusing on the importance of the land in First Nations culture. Include discussions about native plants and their traditional uses.

  9. Cultural Exchange Discussions: Facilitate open discussions where residents can share their own cultural backgrounds and learn about Indigenous customs and traditions.

These activities not only celebrate NAIDOC Week but also foster a sense of community, respect, and understanding among aged care residents.

For more NAIDOC activities and recipes, search 'NAIDOC Week' in the Events module in SoupedUp Software.


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