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Personalised Care Through Technology

Good care stems from independence and dignity. To respect those ideals, carers need to take a personalised focus to looking after the elderly. A generic approach does not address choice or individuality, neither medically, nor preferentially. Providing truly ‘person centred’ care to each individual can take up a lot of time and resources if attempted through traditional means. It would take divine intervention for a paper-based system to accomplish this goal.

This is where technology comes into play.

We all know integrating technology solutions can streamline administration operations. An added benefit is how this increased efficiency translates to greater resident care. Technology stretches the limited financial and workforce resources of care facilities further, so they can better care for the individual needs of each resident.

Cross-platform cloud based systems allow for the instantaneous sharing of information across clinical, care and catering teams. The ease of access makes it easier to respect the preferences of residents and the recording of clinical data helps prevent medical mishaps. In a paper based system the time between administering to a patient and filling out the paper log can result in staff either forgetting or misfiling important information but with a digital system it can be done live, mitigating those risks. Adopting a digital approach also allows for the live update of care plans in response to resident preferences and changes in health as there is no barrier of paperwork or bureaucracy. The cloud also enhances the possibility of families playing an active role in the care of their loved ones as they can check in on the care their family members receive and make suggestions from wherever they are in the world. This is especially important when catering to dementia patients who may be unable to express their own needs unassisted.

One of the biggest ways that residents can have an input into their own care is through diet.

Residents in care homes spend, on average, 45% of their day dining, making it vitally important to provide food that matches their cultural tastes and preferences. Most of us steer clear of foods and flavours that we dislike so why should we expect our elderly to put up with it? It isn’t enough to serve food that is only ‘nutritious’ and it isn’t enough to serve food that is just ‘good’. It has to be a blend of both. The best and ideal kind of meal is one that we choose ourselves. Adding just this little bit of agency to someone’s day has positive implications for mental health and wellbeing, as it demonstrates control in an environment where there aren’t many other choices.

As human beings, we all deserve to be healthy, cared for and loved. Without a personal approach to care where we listen to what residents want, the emotional elements of care are lost.

At SoupedUp Solutions we provide software to manage and coordinate the meal preferences of residents. We facilitate menu planning, upscaling and nutrition to provide residents a truly personalised dining experience. Our digital platform streamlines administrative processes so carers can spend more time caring about people, not paperwork.

SoupedUp is a leading catering care software and online training provider now proudly serving the UK adult social care industry. Our proven technology solutions save care homes time and money, while reducing the risks associated with food service quality and delivery in a social care setting.

Click here for more information about our complete Care Catering solution.


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