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Thinking Of Converting To IDDSI In SoupedUp? We’re Ready When You Are.

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) commenced in Australia on 1 May 2019 and to date, over 37% of SoupedUp clients have converted to the new framework. However, there is still confusion among care providers as to how, and when, to convert.

It’s important to note that conversion itself is a quick process but it does not happen automatically. For those yet to make the IDDSI leap, here’s what you need to know.

What’s involved in an IDDSI conversion?

Converting to IDDSI in SoupedUp is very simple, involving just a few steps, (1) Plan, (2) Convert and (3) Document.

(1) Plan

As an organisation, you need to decide if you wish to offer residents certain textures and whether you will exclude menu choices that may be unsuitable.

Do you want to use Bite-Sized?

SoupedUp has developed a special texture called Bite-Sized to accommodate residents who don’t have dysphagia but may need food to be cut up because of dexterity issues, such as arthritis.

Do you want to use Easy to Chew EC7?

IDDSI introduced an additional texture, Easy to Chew EC7, which is essentially the same as Soft & Bite-Sized SB6 without the 1.5cm x 1.5cm size restrictions. However, IDDSI has deemed this to be in the same texture ‘band’ as Regular RG7 and therefore EC7 will not be automatically allocated at conversion. You may choose an EC7 texture if the resident:

  • has no identified risk of choking or swallowing problems

  • is able to break down soft/tender foods into pieces without help

  • usually chooses to eat soft food

  • has weaker chewing muscles and can only chew soft and tender food without tiring easily, or

  • has been sick and is recovering strength.

Up-skill your team on IDDSI with SoupedUp’s ‘always on’ video training series.

Do you want to exclude Choice 3 and 4 for Easy to Chew EC7 and Soft & Bite-Sized SB6?

SoupedUp Choice 3 and 4 options default to salad or sandwiches, so any resident requiring EC7 or SB6 may need to be excluded from Choice 3 and 4.

Decide which residents need to be on Bite-Sized or Easy to Chew EC7 textures.

These textures will need to be added manually after conversion. Any resident currently on a Cut Up texture will automatically map to Soft & Bite-Sized SB6 during conversion.

Finally, before converting, you should generate a Dietary List and a Live Entry report for your records.

(2) Convert

The conversion process takes just a few minutes and can be done by facilities on their own or with SoupedUp’s help. To book a conversion session, email

During conversion you will need to:

  • log all users out of SoupedUp Catering

  • make your selections for Soft & Bite-Sized SB6, Easy to Chew EC7 and Bite-Sized (if any), and

  • change relevant residents to Bite-Sized and Easy to Chew EC7 textures as appropriate.

(3) Document

Once you’ve converted, you’ll need to generate the following reports to document the change:

  • Resident Amendment Register

  • Admission Form and Diet Change Form, and

  • any other relevant reports to reflect the IDDSI changes.

Ready to get started?

Read the IDDSI Conversion info doc and download your SoupedUp Catering conversion checklist or to book a conversion session, email


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