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The Great Hawkesbury Bake Off – More Than Your Average Scones

2021 Outstanding Event/Theme Days

Uniting Hawkesbury Richmond

Igniting residents’ passion for cooking can seem challenging during a pandemic, but not for catering and lifestyle team members at Uniting Hawkesbury Richmond.

When a resident mentioned she received a second-place ribbon at the Hawkesbury show for her prized scones, “The Great Hawkesbury Scone Bake Off” event was born!

This all-day fun-filled cooking competition was on between staff and residents, to see who could bake the best scone. No detail was missed for the big day, including detailed judging criteria and guest judges, embroided aprons, trophies, ribbons and certificates!

Not only was the bake-off a huge success, but a plant sale was also organised alongside the big day to raise money for the local women’s shelter and to raise awareness against violence against women.

The Great Hawkesbury Bake Off event was shared as an example of a fantastic event to other Uniting sites to get involved with their residents.

The 2021 Outstanding Event/Theme Day Award is awarded to a site that can demonstrate inclusivity and engagement through an event or theme days within their site.


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