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Food to the forefront: UK care catering software named finalist in 2021 Care Sector Supply Awards

Media Release

SoupedUp, an innovative care catering software provider, has brought food into focus after being named finalist in the 2021 Care Sector Supply Awards.

SoupedUp, a cloud-based care catering software which has been implemented in over 250 care homes, offers streamlined services where care staff no longer need to spend time continually updating residents’ dietary records.

With many diverse clinical dietary requirements, allergies, dislikes, preferences, and cultural necessities, manually tracking residents’ records has become a challenge. Moreover, the traditional manual approach is notoriously time-consuming, and by the time the data has been physically updated across the care home, the information could already be obsolete.

SoupedUp digitises highly manual, labour intensive processes across catering, wellness, and lifestyle in social care, ensuring residents receive a quality meal service based on their individual requirements.

Belinda Adams, CEO and Founder of SoupedUp, said: “We’re honoured to be named a finalist as a leading supplier to the care sector and bring food into focus. Food is at the heart of every care home, and throughout the pandemic has been the only consistent activity in residents’ lives. Enabling residents to have choice over what they eat is paramount, but it’s also vital that every mouthful is suited to their dietary, cultural and clinical needs”.

She continued: “Having worked in the social care sector for over 20 years now, I know first-hand the administration burden that is placed on catering teams. Compliance is paramount; however, the ever-increasing compliance requirements creates more risk. This is why we developed our software – to change the lives of those working and residing in social care!”

2021 Care Sector Supply Awards, organised by Stratford Projects, will honour the best companies that supply products and services to care providers operating in the UK.

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