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IDDSI And SoupedUp – Getting It Right From The Start

Many of the textures currently available in SoupedUp have evolved from facilities looking to provide the best quality of life to residents, resulting in a number of textures that have no IDDSI equivalent. Editor’s Note: As of 1 February 2019, IDDSI announced an additional Level 7 subcategory: ‘Regular Easy to Chew’. So, this is clearly still an evolving space!

Food textures

The Cut Up texture was originally introduced for residents who could have regular texture, but needed food to be cut up due to dexterity issues. Currently, the IDDSI standards do not include a Cut Up option as a texture.

Some interpretations of IDDSI suggest those residents should be transitioned to a Soft & Bite-Sized texture to conform with IDDSI guidelines. If so, it will severely limit the food that these residents can have – representing approximately 26%* of our resident population.

We commonly see that meat and vegetables are treated differently by speech pathologists and dietitians. This has led to the use of texture descriptors such as ‘Minced and Moist Meat Soft Veg’. We are seeking clarification as to whether this will still be encouraged under IDDSI.

Is the intention for the preparation of Liquidised texture to add more appropriate liquid to puree texture food? Or is there anything that is available to a resident on a puree texture that would not be appropriate for liquidised residents, aside from the water content?

* SoupedUp Catering 2019 figures

IDDSI and SoupedUp – getting it right

With IDDSI set to launch in the coming months, adapting existing systems and foods to the new IDDSI standards could be a real challenge. Like any change, it will take time to fully adjust, rest assured, at SoupedUp we are actively working on updates to map seamlessly from the current standards to the new IDDSI standards. We will also be producing simple, easy-to-understand support material, which will be available via our new SoupedUp Training IDDSI videos.


IDDSI was developed over three years to become the global standard for the treatment of dysphagia. IDDSI describes texture modified foods and thickened liquids to be used for individuals with dysphagia of all ages, in all care settings and all cultures.


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