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New macronutrient report helps sites with basic daily fee supplement requirements

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

We’ve made it easier for aged care sites to get all the information they need for the new daily fee supplement funding – thanks to a new macronutrient report!

The new report is available in SoupedUp’s care catering software and allows users to easily report on residents' daily protein intake and meet the requirements for the Government’s basic daily fee supplement.

The basic daily fee supplement enables aged care sites to receive funding to go towards resident services such as food, nutrition, linen, and cleaning.

Users can access the macronutrient report in our software, under Reports > Dietary Information. We hope the introduction of the new report is helpful for sites to easily meet requirements of the Government initiative, but also supports the ability to deliver better care and service to residents thanks to data focused on food and nutrition.

For more information on how to generate the macronutrient report, or to book a training session with our customer support team email


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