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SoupedUp's Spicy Takeaways from the ITAC Conference

Technology has moved from the nice-to-have into the must-have realm, more reform changes are on the horizon and the aged care landscape is rapidly changing.

The ITAC 2024 Conference couldn't have come at a better time to bring together providers from all corners of the country.

As an exhibitor in the care catering space, we had the chance to speak candidly with delegates about the tech they're looking for when it comes to the kitchen, their software must-haves and biggest challenges when it comes to adding IT into their mix.

Here's what they had to say.

Interoperability - are your catering software solutions integrated?

The words 'API' and 'integration' were used like hot sauce, in conversations with team members from all areas of a facility. Whether we were speaking to a Facility Manager, Catering Manager or IT Lead, automation and seamless data flow was really important. If catering software doesn't integrate with the major clinical providers or other middleware solutions, it is going to be a deal-breaker.

Compliance - how can you help with the new and existing standards?

We understand there's a lot of balls being juggled behind the scenes when it comes to having all of the information for compliance. Food is the stepping stone of a resident’s day and the new standards have a large food focus, which means providers need access to data - fast. Using catering software for resident management, meal planning and menu management offers access to data and reports to assist with compliance.

Experience matters - how much experience do you have in aged care?

Hands-on experience matters, especially when it comes to aged care and software to suit. Delegates mentioned frustrations attempting to use or implement software that wasn't designed with aged care teams in mind. Those who came by the stand frequently asked of our experience in the industry, both in terms of the product and people. Software used in aged care sites has to be not only user-friendly, but take into consideration the needs of both staff who work at the site and the residents who live there.

A big thanks to those who stopped by the SoupedUp stand and had a chat with our Client & Support Manager Rhonda and Marketing & Communications Manager Alycia.


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